More Animation

2D Animation Fun!
Mixed Media Experimental Video
Air Chemistry Explainer Video

Animation Demo Reel Breakdown

Tools Used: Maya, After Effects, Photoshop
  1. Singing Explorer: All Animation; Rig by Anim School with edited face and clothes.
  2. "Credit Union" Short Film Excerpts: All Animation, Rigging, Modeling, Character Design
  3. Dolly Cart Push: All Animation; Rig by Anim School
  4. Hitchhiker: All Animation; Rig by Animation Mentor
  5. Party Girl: All Animation; Rig by Anim School

"More Animation"

Tools Used: Toon Boom Harmony, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
  1. In-between animation based on Glen Kean's original drawings: Hand drawn in Toon Boom
  2. Tapir Trail WIP cartoon: Combination hand drawn and symbol animation in Toon Boom
  3. Hungry Baby: Peg/ Deformer animation test in Toon Boom
  4. Thanksgiving Puppet Cartoon: Hand drawn facial features added in Adobe After Effects
  5. Air chemistry Explainer Video: Illustrations manipulated in After Effects